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Largest Personal Injury Jury Trial Verdict in the History of the State of Colorado

the Law Office of Stuart Mann is proud to have recovered what is known to be the largest personal injury jury trial verdict in the history of the State of Colorado. The verdict was received in early 2019. 

On January 27, 2017, the individual the firm represented (‘our client’) was riding his bicycle home from work. He was in the bike lane traveling eastbound on 26th Avenue at the intersection with Wadsworth Boulevard on a solid green light. The defendant driver made a left turn in front of him causing him to crash into her car and knocking him to the ground, at which point a second car then ran over his head. 

The case involved two major questions:

First, the jury had to decide which driver was at fault; the driver who turned left in front of our client or the driver who ran him over.  

Second, the jury had to decide if the at-fault driver was in the scope of her employment as a temporary day worker.

Attorney Stuart Mann of the Law Office of Stuart Mann legally proved that the defendant was in the course of her employment at the time of the incident and proved that by turning left in front of the bicyclist she set into motion the events that resulted in his traumatic injuries.

For a moment, imagine that you are standing on the platform at a train station waiting for a train. Just as the train approaches the platform, someone pushes you off the track down onto the tracks, and you are hit by the train. Whose fault is it that you were injured? Is it the conductor of the train, who had little or no chance to stop? Or, is it the person who pushed you off the platform? 

In this way, Josh and Stuart were able to show that the car that ran over our client was not at fault because that driver had little or no chance to react to what was happening. If it had not been for the left-turning car the collision would never have happened.

Stuart is an avid, competitive cyclist himself. They understand the interactions between a bicycle and the surrounding environment, allowing them to bring their first-hand experiences as cyclists into the courtroom as passionate, dedicated attorneys. Learn more about Stuart and bicycle injury cases.

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