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Cyclists 4 Community Makes Strides Toward Building a Boulder-Lyons Bike Path

Thanks to $30,000 in matching funds from Boulder advocacy group Cyclists 4 Community, Boulder is one step closer to getting a bike path built that will connect the city’s bike trails with Lyons and help keep riders and motorists safe. For years, the Law Office of Stuart Mann has been a title sponsor of the Cyclist 4 Community Annual Gala and a donor to facilitate efforts to make transportation pathways safer for bicycles, pedestrians and drivers.  

With over 300 miles of bikeway in the Boulder Valley, it is no surprise that the region has been consistently ranked as one of the top bicycling areas in the nation for years now. It also comes as no surprise that community groups and organizations are constantly trying to improve access and safety for local and visiting cyclists.

Take Cyclists 4 Community, for example. This bicycle advocate group started in 2013 to directly address the destruction that floods caused to bike paths in Boulder County that same year. It sees bicycle paths as absolutely necessary for the safety of both bicyclists and motorists in the area. Its current focus is to get a bike path built that connects the beautiful cities of Boulder and Lyons. 

If its history of success with projects is any indication of how its current project will fare, it is likely that the Boulder Valley will one day see the Boulder-Lyons Bike Trail come into existence. During the group’s first year, it was able to raise over $200,000 to help Jamestown and Lyons address their damaged bike paths. 

the Law Office of Stuart Mann recognizes and applauds the value of Cyclists 4 Community’s work. As a law firm with a focus on bicycle accidents, we understand the immense risks bicycle riders face and have represented thousands of riders who have been injured by others. 

The work Cyclists 4 Community is engaged in directly saves lives and reduces injuries to bicycle riders as well as motorists on the road. 

The Valley has its fair share of car-bicycle accidents. If you have been injured in one, contact our office for a free consultation

The Boulder-Lyons Bike Path

One of the first steps in seeing this bike path built was finding matching funds for a study required for the project. Now that these funds have been raised, Cyclists 4 Community can take the next big steps toward making the Boulder-Lyon bike path a reality. 

In an interview with the Daily Camera, Cyclists 4 Community board member Mike Flolid stated that the true benefit of the Boulder-Lyons is not just felt by area bicyclists; motorists experience a benefit as well. The bike lane will help eliminate the need for cars to have to pass bicycles on the roadway, which causes many drivers concern. 

Flolid is not the only one who understands the value the bike path will bring. Boulder County Commissioner Claire Levy is known to be a supporter of efforts to build bike paths in the Boulder Valley. 

According to an interview she gave to the Daily Camera, Levy’s vision is to create a way for all modes of transportation to transit all of Boulder County.

At Boulder’s Amante North, Ms. Levy accepted a $30,000 check from Cyclists 4 Community in front of more than 70 bicyclists, most of whom were members of Boulder cycling group Morning Velo (another bike advocacy group sponsored by the Law Office of Stuart Mann). The $30,000, which is the first real cash money to go into the project, will go directly into Boulder County’s 2023 budget. 

Other plans Levy and the board of county commissioners have in motion include upgrades to the LoBo Longmont to Boulder trail and to the bikeway on U.S. 36.

The Current Boulder-Lyons Route

Bicyclists who wish to transit between Boulder and Lyons currently use US 36. It is a major highway that is seemingly always busy with local and tourist traffic. US 36 is also the site of many traffic accidents due to the fact that it is constantly packed with traffic. As such, a bicycle path to Lyons would mean bicyclists could avoid the perils of biking on a major roadway. 

What’s Next?

Cyclists 4 Community is keeping a close eye on the November 2022 elections. Ballot Measure 1C is up for a vote, and if it passes, a current Boulder transportation sales tax will continue in effect. Under the tax, a 0.01% tax is levied in Boulder County, and proceeds assist the implementation of bicycle and transportation projects. 

This 0.01% is a significant revenue stream that goes a long way in securing the safety of bicycle riders. 

If Ballot Measure 1C passes, the group will then begin applying for funding from various programs at the regional, state, and federal levels. These programs open for applications in late 2022 and early 2023. 

Cycling Is the Future

Ross Chandler, a founder of Cyclists 4 Community, set out to demonstrate that bicyclists are an important part of the community. According to Chandler, cycling is the future, and cyclists are interested in helping strengthen their communities. 

The beauty of the Boulder Valley attracts new residents and brings crowds of tourists, many of whom want to explore the area on bicycles. Although a well-developed bicycle infrastructure exists, more needs to be done to keep travelers safe, regardless of their mode of transportation. 

The Boulder-Lyons bike path is a bold and needed proposal that will provide a significant benefit to the Boulder Valley. 

The $30,000 in matching funds is a small but significant step toward getting the bike path completed. The road ahead is long, but the requisite community support is there to make it a reality.

For those who experience the unfortunate consequences of a bicycle accident, the Law Office of Stuart Mann can potentially help in the fight for compensation. 

Bicyclists should be aware that insurance companies want to limit their liability and pay less. With an experienced bicycle accident lawyer, injury victims have a better shot at being awarded compensation that will make a difference.

At last year’s gala, the Law Office of Stuart Mann client Gary Suydam gave a moving discussion regarding the devastating impact that an accident can have on your life. Mr. Suydam commuted daily by bike to his job as an engineer. One unfortunate day, he was hit by two vehicles and has since been tetraplegic. His story is one of overcoming obstacles.  But it is also the story of why it is important to spend more time and money focused on bicycle safety. No doubt, the Boulder-Lyons path is a step in the right direction.

Cycling Lawyers

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Their passion for cycling and experience with the law has prepared them to best litigate bicycle accident cases in Colorado. From investigating liability and insurance coverage of people involved in the bike wreck to producing facts based on eyewitness testimony and/or GPS technology, Stuart dedicates himself to obtaining the maximum compensation their clients deserve.

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