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Auto Accidents With Multiple Vehicles

When you are involved in an auto accident with multiple cars, the process works a little bit differently than if it is just you and another driver. For one thing, the crash may cause more serious injuries, especially if trucks, buses, or other large vehicles are involved. You need an attorney to help you through the process of a multiple vehicle accident, because only a car accident attorney will have the knowledge and experience to reconstruct the accident, question witnesses properly and determine who was at fault for the collision.

Generally, a multi-car collision starts with just one or two cars. These cars crash which causes other cars that are behind them to crash. On high-speed interstates, this is somewhat common, as drivers don't have time to stop. An attorney can figure out, with accident reconstruction, which vehicle or vehicles initially caused the crash and which vehicles collided through no fault of their own simply because they weren't able to stop in time. A personal injury attorney can help prove that you had no choice but to run into other cars.

If there are several cars that collided as a result of a crash between two cars, or because of a crash of one vehicle by itself, there may be several plaintiffs in your case. The plaintiffs are the parties bringing the lawsuit to court with your attorney- for instance, you and any other drivers who were not at fault in the accident. Any settlement that is offered by the insurance companies or by the other parties that you are suing may have to be shared among multiple people. This may be an even split, or it may vary depending upon damage inflicted and medical care needed. Talk to your attorney for details.

The party that caused the crash will be the defendant. There may only be one person that caused a crash. For instance, driver A cuts off driver B, and causes a collision. In this case, driver A might be the only defendant and driver B will potentially be one of the parties receiving a settlement or awarded money by the jury. There may be two people who were equally at fault causing the accident. For instance, driver A cuts off driver B, but driver B retaliates and rams the back of driver A's car. Ask your personal injury litigation attorney how this might work in your case.

An attorney is vital in the case of multiple vehicle crashes and you'll want an attorney that is skilled and experienced specifically with car accident law. This is why Ledger & Associates is such a great choice. Attorney Emery Ledger has over ten years of experience dealing with that very aspect of the law and having someone on your side, that knows the law and knows from real experience how to litigate such a case is vital.

Karen Thompson has an outstanding 10-year service as a state lawyer in California. She helps many people who need legal assistance, particularly those who can't afford to hire an attorney. She finds her happiness in helping others and in sharing with people what she knows through writing articles.

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